SIGN UP FOR THE JOURNEYFIT - HABIT CHALLEGE ONLY $59 (only 21 spots available)

Ok so here is the deal! It takes 21 days to create a habit right? So we are giving you a 21-day membership for unlimited workouts for only $59 bucks. That’s right, full access to all workouts to aid in creating good workout habits 2019. Wait it gets better. If you complete 12 workouts in 21 days you will receive a special prize at our February 2nd burn and brunch and future discounts on memberships. The person that completes the most workouts in 21 days will receive a $150 cash prize in addition to other prizes. Only 21 total spots available!! Sign up to start January 1st - January 21st or sign up for the second series January 7th - January 28th. Here is what comes with your 21 day membership:

  • Free Body Scan: We have a virtual FIT3d Scanner! Find out body fat percentage, accurate weight and inch measurements, posture analysis, metabolic rate and more.

  • Nutrition Consultation/ Meal Prep: Lets create a meal plan that will work for you. We will show you how to get into a caloric deficit or surplus based on your fitness goals.

  • Unlimited Workouts: We have morning and evening classes available 6 days a week. You will have an unlimited pass to all workouts.