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What's the Challenge?


Pre New Year's Resolution Package

$300 — Includes three  (3) months of unlimited sessions. Also included each month are two general nutrition education classes.

Unlimited Monthly Training Package

$137 (auto draft) — Includes an unlimited number of sessions in a given plan month. Also included each month are two general nutrition education classes.

Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Get this: They say on average, it takes someone repeating an action 30 times before it becomes a habit. We at JOURNEYFIT understand this. So, during the month of December, we encourage you to take the Pre New Year’s Resolution Challenge with us. Our goal for December is to get as many people as possible working out consistently before the New Year. We’re even giving a $250.00 cash prize for the person who accepts the challenge and wins. 

Here’s how it works: 

1.) Join JOURNEYFIT (step one can be skipped, if you’re already a member); 

2.) Get Two (2) others to join the Pre New Years Resolution at JOURNEYFIT. 

3.) Attend as many workouts as you can! We are keeping track of your total number. The person with the most workouts after completing steps 1 & 2 WINS!!! Also, when you join the Pre New Year’s Resolution challenge, it includes two (2) general Nutrition sessions, where there’s engaging discussion and education on how to better your health.

Working out in groups is fun and, doing so, aids in accountability.  Join us today! JOURNEYFIT wants you to be fit and healthy, leading to increased chances of living a long, fruitful lives. Make a resolution to develop the habit of training with others who share a common goal. We'll do the rest. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s goooooo!