Summer Volleyball Training '18

Improve Volleyball Technique. Increase Sports Performance.



7-Week Volleyball & Performance Program with Elite Coach/Trainer Victoria Thomas and Guest Clinician Khat Bell

At every level of volleyball, the main training components that determine a player's success are: reinforcement of fundamental technical skill, volleyball specific conditioning, which focuses on speed, footwork, controlled explosion and power, and competitive play of the sport -- over and over and over again.

Volleyball is, without a doubt, one of the most technical sports in the world. And, a technical sport needs technical training. This 7-week program provides just that, all while incorporating the main components of volleyball. The program incorporates 2 days of skill and technique drills, plus 2 days of explosive speed and agility training.

The first week will start with fundamental skills, Special attention will be given to ball control. Mid-week the girls will incorporate volleyball specific conditioning tailored to increasing verticals and explosion. Towards the end of the week, the girls will engage in competitive play. Athletes will perform exercises and drills that increase strength and speed, and improve explosiveness. By the end of the program, muscle memory should be instilled such that the execution of skills becomes second nature.   

Receive one-on-one instruction from elite coach and trainer Victoria Thomas. Guest clinician Khat Bell, will be also providing expertise and hands-on training, from a global perspective, during the seven weeks.

Dates and Times

Coming Summer '18
Group 1 (Only 80 players accepted): Incoming 7th Graders, Incoming 8th Graders. 
Group 2 (Only 80 players accepted): Incoming Freshman, Current 10th, 11th and 12th graders, College Players.

Limited space in each group allows coaches to better focus on the specific needs of individual players  

Note: There is an option to train on a weekly basis.  This option allows the athlete to attend up to 4 days in a given week. Although weekly training is available, athletes who attend the entire program will benefit the most. 




TBD 7-week Full Training Program (BEST VALUE)

TBD Weekly Program

Methods of payment accepted: Cash or Check (Make payable to: JourneyFit LLC, P.O. Box 835706, Richardson, TX 75083); Most major credit cards

Note: Checks must clear prior to athlete beginning the program. A 3% processing fee is added to payments made using a credit card.



You MUST register, first. Then, return and pay to complete your registration.

Only paid registrations will guarantee an athlete's held spot in the program.

Watch Khat Bell Train for the May 2017 Korean Draft. Trained by Coach Victoria Thomas (click video to play).

Khat Bell, arguably, is one of the most explosive volleyball players to-date. Early in her career, Bell recognized herself as an athlete that could play -- and excel at -- just about any sport. It was around 8th grade year when Khat began her technical training in volleyball, transforming from an athletic volleyball player to a pure volleyball "beast" on the court. The rest is history.

At just 16 years-old, the Texas native represented the United States at the 2009 FIVB Girls’ Youth World Championship in Thailand. as a member of the U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team. A 2010 Under Armour High School All-America First Team selection and a ranking as the No. 2 recruit nationally by followed closely, making Khat a recognizable name in the sport of volleyball.

Khat went on to dominate at University of Texas, playing every position her coach required of her -- all while racking up numerous accolades: Three-time AVCA All-American, four Big 12 conference championship rings, 2013 Volleyball Magazine Second Team, 2012 COBRA Magazine Defensive National Player of the Year, three-time All-Big 12 First Team honoree, and the list goes on.

Upon graduation from University of Texas in 2015,  Khat was drafted to GS Caltex, a top tier volleyball club in South Korea. There, Khat is recognized as one of the highest paid professional women's volleyball players in the sport's history.  Upon a successful season, Khat was contracted to play with the Puerto Rico -Carolina Giants, immediately after her season with Korea ended.

Bell understands the importance of, and vitality in, technical training and conditioning for volleyball.

As a guest clinician, Khat will take over one full day of Varsity: Skills, Condition, Play to implement her special technical training to all players. She is more than excited to share this experience with the girls.