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    Coach Victoria Thomas 


Coach Shaitece Trigg




Sports performance training is equally as important as proper nutrition and the proper fuel for great workouts and strength building. Coach Victoria educates all athletes on proper nutrition. 



JOURNEYFIT MAKES VERTICAL INCREASE PARAMOUNT FOR ALL VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS. Even more important, we focus on absorbing the power when landing. Landing technique focus driven workouts will always prevent injury for players. Check out Lauren Green, Tulane commit, Skyline MB. 

Watch Coach Victoria Train Khat Bell for the  Korean Draft.  

Khat Bell Three-time AVCA All-American, four Big 12 conference championship rings, 2013 Volleyball Magazine Second Team, 2012 COBRA Magazine Defensive National Player of the Year, three-time All-Big 12 First Team honoree, and the list goes on.

Upon graduation from University of Texas in 2015,  Khat was drafted to GS Caltex, a top tier volleyball club in South Korea.  Upon a successful season, Khat was contracted to play with the Puerto Rico -Carolina Giants, immediately after her season with Korea ended.

Bell understands the importance of, and vitality in, conditioning for volleyball. Engaging in sports specific exercises helped Khat maintain her explosiveness, increase her speed and improve her overall strength. Khat Bell has been training with Coach Victoria Thomas for 6 years now and the sports specific training she has received has helped her stay injury free, quick and strong through out her college summers and professional career. 


Improve vertical, speed, power, strength and overall performance with Top rated Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Coach - Victoria Thomas (Rutgers University Volleyball Alum) . Read below to find out what the Journeyfit Sports Performance program offers for volleyball players. 

Watch Journeyfit train University of Arkansas - Logan Brown, Ole Miss MB - Bayleigh Scott and University of Virginia DS commit - Kristen Leland. 



FIT3D is a high quality body scanner that produces 40-second scan results in a full 360° avatar with precise body measurements. In seconds you will receive reports with your body fat, weight, inches, posture analysis, balance, body shape rating and more! The main purpose of the body scan for athletes is to track the muscle development process to determine strength and power. 

All athletes receive free injury evaluation from the leading Dallas physical therapist. 


Karlan Armstrong, MS, MPT


Steve Parker, ATC, LAT

The Elite therapy has worked as a team for over 10 years in sports medicine field in the Dallas & Fort Worth area.  The Elite Team offers over 50 years of combined sports medicine experience, including rehabilitation of numerous national and international level athletes. What is even better is they are located inside JOURNEYFIT training studio. Their clientele includes some of the top professional team and athletes such as the Dallas Burn, Dallas Mavericks Organization, US Olympic teams, NFL players and more. All athletes will receive a free injury evaluation and treatment for any injury/issue that inhibits them from playing volleyball. 

Volleyball Sports Performance:

Strength Training;

Speed Training;

Core and imbalance stabilization;
Increase in fast-twitch muscle development - resulting in vertical incase;

Increase range of motion;

Increase power and explosiveness;

Proper nutrition planning and more. 



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