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 The reality of fitness is: everyone is on a fitness Journey. You are  either: thinking about getting in shape but don't know where to start; in good shape but you want to be in better shape; or once, twice maybe even three times attempted to reach your fitness goals but got frustrated and gave up, maintaining a subliminal desire to be fit someday. No matter where you are positioned on your fitness  journey, in order to continue to navigate on a fitness path the most important survival tool is mental strength. The second most important tool that is dependent on your success is a fitness plan. Being that Mental strength (i.e. discipline) and a narrowly tailored fitness plan are the most important keys to fitness success,  JourneyFit narrows its focus on making you mentally fit and physically fit with a structured fitness plan that will guide you to reaching your fitness goals. With a staff full of professional trainers, nutritionists, and mental health and wellness experts JourneyFit is ready to force you into fit. 

The biggest mistake individuals make while on a fitness Journey is taking general fitness advice. Some fitness advice is pretty standard while advice that is specific to your body type, genetics and goals can be the determining factor in you reaching your fitness goals. 

JourneyFit is designed to make sure that your fitness journey is personalized to you. Everyone that is trained by JourneyFit must fill out our JF survey. This survey will isolate challenges whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or genetic  and our staff members will personalize a program for you that will overcome all obstacles in your fitness Journey.  

JOURNEYFIT is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. We teach and train all principles behind lifestyle fitness. Striving to find ways where fitness and healthy eating can fit comfortably in to your lifestyle, so you can maintain it forever. If you are ready for a lifestyle change we are here to help. 

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The JOURNEYFIT family is a diverse group of women and men who bring positive energy and create an encouraging environment. They can't wait to meet you!!! Receieve an email and phone call from a JOURNEYFIT member. Ask them questions, hear their transformation stories, schedule a pre or post workout meet and greet. They are here to make you feel welcomed.