The important role a teacher plays in a student's life  is unequivocal. As impacters and  influencers teachers have shaped society by educating some of the brightest leaders at impressionable ages. Teachers over dedicate their schedules and work overtime to ensure that students are well prepared with their curriculum. This is not limited to teaching  but it extends to grading, lesson planning and assessing strengths and weaknesses of their students and implementing changes to yield a better understanding. When one considers the multiple responsibilities of a teacher one may begin to wonder "when does a teacher have time for themselves?" JourneyFit understands the complex schedule a teacher takes on upon hire and has designed a program that neatly fits in their schedule and will assure they maintain healthy lifestyles.

The number one reason as to why teachers do not workout regularly is, time. JourneyFit understands that a teacher's schedule is hectic and their duties go beyond a neat 9am-5pm work timetable. TeachFIT is a national program dedicated to educating teachers on how to stay fit and healthy considering their busy lifestyle.

JourneyFit travels to your school district and for 8-weeks Journey will provide teachers with:

  •   An individual JourneyFit road map that will navigate you through your fitness Journey explaining to you whatworkouts, and food choices are best for your body;
  • 4 (45) min. weekly workouts with Am and Pm options lead by JourneyFit trainers ;
  • Personalized cardio plans (if your goal is weight loss) designed to keep the body burning 2 pounds of fat a week;  
  •  Weekly nutritional performance consultations that give you a variety of healthy options; 
  • Supplemental advising, giving you option to take specific vitamins, natural weight loss supplements or proteins that are designed  to catalyst reaching your fitness goals. 
  • Fitness Education, the most important aspect of this program is the education, TeachFit will make it paramount that all teachers learn how to remain fit for life.

This program will place heavy emphasis on educating teachers how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Creating a learning environment that gives teachers the proper tools to meet their fitness goals and achieve and  maintain them forever. If you are a teacher  interested in bringing TeachFit to your school contact us and we will be happy to contact your school district and get a program started for your district. 

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